the lord of the blogs: return of the blog

Okay, the title really has absolutely nothing to do with the rest. I just made myself chuckle with it as I was brainstorming titles, so I kept it.

Today, I’m going to tell you a story, and to be honest, I didn’t really get any permission to share this. But, hopefully that’s okay and I’ll try keep it pretty anonymous. But I just have to tell you because it’s been on my mind.

So, sometime last year, my boyfriend got a job. At a company (is this anonymous enough? teehee). He enjoyed the work and got along with his boss. He’d tell me how nice she was and that she liked to chat with him a lot. Sooner or later, they got on the topic of me and he told her about me and stuff that I do – acting, singing, writing, whatever else I do on this planet (I don’t really know myself). They soon realized that his boss actually knew me because her daughter and I participated in the same summer theatre camps when we were in high school, and because they go to Flatirons and I used to go there and be on the worship team there (more on that some other time). That part isn’t too crazy, since it’s Boulder and it’s a pretty small town/city/thing.

Now, I can’t remember exactly how this went down, which might make this story more boring. But basically, one day, Frank’s boss told him about how her daughter had struggled through her first year of college (she’s now a sophomore or junior, I believe). And they had tried everything to make it better for her. Her mom even started putting up inspirational quotes and things on their fridge to encourage her daughter to keep persevering through the hard stuff. As she searched the internet, she stumbled across my blog, read a post I’d written quite some time ago that had some encouraging words in it (stuff that I wrote during my struggle with the first few years of college), was so moved by it that she printed it off, and put it on her fridge for her and her daughter to read. So, someone randomly searched for encouragement on the internet, found my blog, printed off my post, and put it on their fridge. And then that same person was my boyfriend’s boss for a season. How insane is that?!

This happened a while ago, but the story resurfaced in my brain recently, because I’ve been so doubtful of my writing skills, my ability to share anything worth reading, all that stuff. I have felt useless in this space, unable to share any wisdom. I’ve been in the midst of a season of bitterness, and all I’ve wanted to do is vent to the internet about my problems, but I’ve tried to refrain from that, just because it’s not very helpful to the healing process. So, my blog dried up and went MIA for a while, and I thought I’d pretty much given up on it.

But when I think about that story, I just feel like I need to keep doing this. Not for fame or glory, but just because someone, somewhere might find something on here and print it off and put it on their fridge, or even just bookmark it, or even just think about it for an hour. And that is worth it.

So, here I am. I’m back. I only have this semester (or possibly one-ish more) of college left, so I might as well get some more use out of this website name as long as I can, right?

Look for more posts soon. Message or email me if you’d like me to write or address any certain topics! ❤



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