About Claire


I’m Claire. Thanks for visiting this little blog of mine.

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copyright Schoenheit Photography

I’m a 19 year-old college student in the beautiful state of Colorado.
I’m studying communication, linguistics, and business.
In my spare time, I’m a performer — don’t get me started on musical theatre, I won’t ever stop talking.

I like to write, read, cook/bake, paint, sing, take pictures, drink coffee, spend time with my family, and meet new people.
You may more often than not find me in a coffee shop, surrounded by notebooks, books, papers, and my laptop.
You may also find me at the gym, on an elliptical machine with a book. It’s just what I do.

Things that captivate me: crocodiles; poetry; first impressions; confidence; pianos; grace; rings; tattoos; corsets; hand-written love letters; Uganda; latte art; social media; random acts of kindness; love languages; personality tests; sushi; eye contact; late night conversations; Christmas lights.

I am fascinated by words and people and the way we present ourselves to others.
I am awestruck by the way that language allows us to describe some things in infinite ways, and other things in only one.

I am passionate about helping the helpless, speaking up for those who cannot speak, and getting to know the most unlikely of people (like hobbits. If hobbits were real, I’d totally be chilling with them in The Shire). Okay, not really hobbits. But Jesus was all about hanging out with and advocating for those who were most marginalized by their culture, and that’s what I want to do too.

I am a follower of Jesus. If you want to know more about what that looks like, I’m happy to share anytime.

I have so many thoughts and ideas bouncing around my head all the time that I can’t wait to share with you, but I also love to listen to others’ stories.
I’m a huge fan of good old fashioned active listening. It doesn’t happen enough in our me-first culture.

I hope one day I can sit down with you and hear about your story. Not kidding.

Email me: claire.wood.826@gmail.com

Instagram (because I like sharing fun pictures): @claire.cathryn


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